Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

Spring is on it way! Soon the daffodils will be greeting you cheerfully as you head to work each morning.
I have a recipe and an article to share with you today.

Here is a super quick delicious recipe, great for cleansing after all that heavy winter food:

half a head of bok choy
half a bunch of arugula
olive oil
hot pepper flakes

Wash bok choy and arugula. Chop bok choy.
Heat the oil, sprinkle a dash or two of hot pepper flakes, sizzle a few seconds till you can smell the pepper.
Add bok choy, cover, cook 1 min. Add arugula, toss, cover and cook 1 more min. till bok choy is soft but not mush.
Eat! (serves 2)

This is a delicious side to any meal or make a big batch and serve over brown rice.
Tastes like the best Chinese take-out you've ever had!

Bok choy is high in Vit. A and C with satisfying crunch.
Arugula is one of the most nutritious leafy greens with a unique, addicting fresh peppery flavor.

Here is a link to a short interesting story about Frito Lay and their attempt at a new "health food" line.

Wishing you a happy healthy day!