Thursday, July 16, 2009

LifeShine: Making Healthy Taste Good

New Testamonial: "a full, happy, healthy, binge-free life"

Thanks to my work with Kelly and LifeShine Holistic Health Counseling, I have a completely new outlook on life. Before Kelly, I first suffered from anorexia which then developed into binge-eating. She skillfully, lovingly, and patiently taught me how to build a new life and relationship with food. She equipped me with the tools that I use today to live a full, happy, healthy, binge-free life.

All along the way, Kelly has helped me with nutrition, of course. She first taught me how to eat in response to my hunger and to stop eating when I was full. She then helped me learn to eat more protein, healthy fats/oils and square meals.

Kelly helps with so much more, rather than just nutrition. It is her rare combination of detailed and in-depth knowledge of nutrition and her intuitiveness and infectious optimism that makes her program a success. She radiates a can-do spirit that makes working with her much more than mere consultation - rather, it is inspiration to move towards attaining ways of eating healthfully, being fit, and taking pleasure in the benefits of a sustainable, balanced truce with food. She is able to do this because she is both compassionate and determined to assist people like me along this journey. I undoubtedly recommend her to anyone who has found it difficult to set and maintain healthy eating goals.

- Alexandra

Inspiration: Local Luxury

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting a few local entrepreneurs who are not only super nice people but produce delicious, decadent and environmentally-friendly delights. I had to share!

Pure Sweets, a new local female owned business featuring all organic, no sugar, naturally sweetened, wheat-free, vegan treats. Pure Sweets is not only sweet tasting, it's sweet-hearted, donating 5% of sales to animal welfare organizations. A great gift idea that can be delivered to your door.

Green Pad Living, a family owned business with charm and heart. Green Pad Living creates handmade treasures ranging from organic soaps that smell like an aromatherapy spa treatment to eco-restored furniture that re-finishes and restores old wooden furniture with eco-friendly materials giving pieces a new birth and lovely beauty. Email Darren's blog featuring the furniture restoration process to your wood-work-loving Dad, so cool.

Recipe of the Month: Sweet Greens

Sweet Greens
1 bunch beet greens, swiss chard or kale
1 small bunch dandelion leaves
1 tsp butter
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Fill a large bowl with water. Wash all greens. May need to rinse a few times to remove all sand. Chop beet greens, swiss chard or kale into 1/2 inch strips. Chop dandelion greens into 1/4 inch pieces. Fill a saute pan with a half inch of water. Add greens. Water saute for 5-7 minutes, mixing a few times, until all greens are wilted. Drain water (save for drinking or cooking broth). Add butter to pan and melt. Add cinnamon. Mix with greens.... Delicious, easy and power-packed!

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